De Pino Parquets has been in the wood industry for three generations. But in particular, with the "mast'Antoniupinu" carpenters. At the turn of the century our company began producing parquet flooring of excellent workmanship and high technical and artisanal quality. De Pino Parquets is located in Polistena, in Calabria a region wich in tall and secular olive-groves. Thanks to this environmental peculiarity our company has specialized in the production of olive-wood floors.

Today this product presents itself with a rigorous but creative design. Our experience has leed us to the production of pre-finished olive-wood flooring. This original and exclusive product is very up to date and it can meet any requirement, whether domestic or commerical.






Symbol of life, wisdom and peace. The olive tree marks the culture of our history, our memories and our myths. The Mediterranean sea is its birthplace and the land that surround it are characterized by silvergreen foliage that blend in with the red hearth, the blue sky and the blue sea. A wooden floor inevitably implies the bio-ecological sense of a natural and ancient environment; the word "parquet" derives from "park" and we are proud that our floors come from olive groves. Its scientific name is Olea Europaea, an evergreen of the Oleaceae family. The plant we want to tell you about is the Olea sativa, the tree that grows under the warm and sunny italian regions.


 In some fiery lands of our south, like Calabria, the re are secular olive trees that cover, with their vast plantations, the hills that look out over the antique sea of Magna Grecia. They can even reach the height of 20 metres, the olive tree has outbursts of angular branches with a small contored tree trunck, in which are hollow in the older specimen. The colour of the trunk and the foliage, reflects
an image that at times is part of the customs of many of us, but in other cases it enters in our collective memory, our ancestral recollections. The persistent, coriaceous and lanceolate leaves have the typical dark green colour, on the upper part, and are light silver underneath; the fruits, bright black when ripe, are the renown oblong drupes.


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We propose some examples of application of our wood-floor, you will notice the elegance and the natural heat that the wood donates to the environment.